Kings Of The Wyld – You Get What You Need

An incredibly kind review by Andrew from The Quill to Live

The Quill to Live

30841984This year has been absolutely packed with fantastic sequels, and new series from authors I love. However, in the midst of all the literary titans releasing their work it is important to not overlook the new players entering the game. Every year I have a couple of dark horses on my release tracker that are new books from debut authors that have drawn my attention based on their description. This year one such book is The Kings of the Wyld, by Nicholas Eames. The premise of the book immediately hooked me: in a world where fantasy adventuring parties function like modern day rock bands, a famous band must do a reunion tour to save the leader’s daughter. The only problem is that the members are all old tired men, and they haven’t spoken to each other in a long time. As far as premises go, this is the most…

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4 thoughts on “Kings Of The Wyld – You Get What You Need

      1. Which voices took you some getting used to, just out of curiosity? You should jump on tge audio band wagon. Laziest way to get some serious reading done 👌

  1. I’m on it now! I’m going to bribe myself into jogging by using audiobooks! Red Sister is up next!

    Well, a few of the female voices irk me a bit because they sound forcibly feminine and too ‘dainty’. I’d imagined Matrick as more ‘sly’, but the ‘gruff drunk’ thing worked amazingly, I think. I thought Moog’s voice betrayed his sexuality a bit, which I’d meant to be simply a matter-of-fact, but it got real endearing real fast–Moog lines were delivered with a lot fo heart, I thought. Also, I’d written Kit to be ‘foppishly British’ and Kallorek to have a swarthy Londoner twang (like Zeppelin’s manager Peter Grant, who he is sort of inspired by) but I ended up loving them both. Kallorek’s especially was so rich and smug and evil.

    How about you? You have any favourites?

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