The World


So, above is the colour map for Kings of the Wyld as rendered by Tim Paul. I’m (obviously) a huge fan of it, especially the red/green/parchment going on, which is evocative of the colour maps found in especially cherished editions of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings–as is the style itself.  Below, the equally stunning Black and white version.

I hope someday that Tim forgives me for the mind-boggling number of trees…


Here’s what Tim had to work with in the first place.  As you can see, his masterpiece is a vast improvement on the original.  Alas, he omitted the coffee stain off the coast of Narmeer, which forced me to rewrite book two (The Coffee-Coloured Whirlpool) in its entirety.  Ah well.


Huge prints of the map ordered straight from Tim Paul himself. Also available in canvas, apparently.
Map of Conthas by Tim Paul, as found in BLOODY ROSE