F101: Intro to Fantasy

Good morning, class.  My name’s Nicholas Eames, but don’t call me Mr. Eames–that’s my father’s name! *Crickets chirping* Okay.  Moving on.  We’re all here for one reason: we love fantasy books, and it is absolutely imperative to us that others like them too.  You might liken us to a horde of theocratic zombies who won’t … More F101: Intro to Fantasy

Review: The Vagrant

Stranger: What’s that you’re reading? Me: The Vagrant, by Peter Newman. Stranger: Cool cover. Me: Right? Stranger: So what’s it about. Me: (Standing, shouting as the lights in the coffee shop flicker, and smoke roils from the back room to curl ominously around my ankles) IN A WORLD TORN ASUNDER AND RESHAPED BY DEMONIC FORCES, … More Review: The Vagrant

Review: Beyond Redemption

So I’ve just finished reading Beyond Redemption, by fellow Canadian Michael R. Fletcher, and let me tell you: it’s fantastic. It is also, in all probability, unlike any book you’ve ever read.  In the acknowledgements Fletcher quotes his agent as calling the novel viscerally disgusting and its characters repulsive. True and true. I described it … More Review: Beyond Redemption