Kings of the Wyld: Now with more HARDCOVER!

Hey, so, I thought I’d mention this here since I’ve gotten a few emails about it and figured I could do more to get the word out, but Rob (henceforth known as ‘Rob the Great’) at Anderida Books has commissioned an exclusive, limited set of Kings of the Wyld hardcovers!


How limited, you ask?  There will only be 350 of these bad boys in existence.  Each will be numbered and signed by me later in May and shipped out in early June.

Needless to say, holding a hardcover of this book in my hands will be a dream come true.  That cover?  That map?  It’s going to be beautiful, I’m sure.  If you’d like one for yourself, then don’t hesitate (seriously don’t, because once they’re gone, they’re gone) to head over and pre-order one at Anderida Books!  If you decide to do so, you have my profound gratitude–and if you don’t…Well, I still like you.  Just not as much as the other people, obviously.

Thanks for reading,


The link:


2 thoughts on “Kings of the Wyld: Now with more HARDCOVER!

  1. Sad to see these have sold out (sad for me, very happy for you!) 😦

    Is there any chance of a second print, do you think?

  2. Hi Luke! There IS another print–it’s available now at the Anderida books site, and will come with even more character sketches! Thanks for your interest in getting one–I sincerely hope you like it if you do!

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