My schedule for MCM Comicon 2018!

Gah! [Insert obligatory apology about not posting more here!]

I’m going to be in London for Comicon from October 26th to the 28th (and around town for a day or two after!) so in case you’re attending, come and say hi! My schedule is as follows!


13:00pm – 13:30pm – Forbidden Planet SIGNING – Ed McDonald (Ravencry) Nicholas Eames (Bloody Rose) Daniel Polansky (A City Dreaming) Ed Cox (The Relic Guild) Emily McGovern (Bloodlust & Bonnets)

14:00pm – 14:30pm – Forbidden Planet Signing – Tim Pratt (The Wrong Stars) Gavin Smith (The Bastard Legion) Chris Wooding (The Ember Blade) Tom Toner (The Tropic of Eternity) Nicholas Eames (Bloody Rose)

15:00pm – 15:45pm – Creator Stage: Fantastically Funny: Humour in Sci-Fi & Fantasy – Authors Nicholas Eames (Bloody Rose) Temi Oh (Do You Dream of Terra-Two) Daniel Polansky (A City Dreaming) and Emily McGovern (Bloodlust & Bonnets) wax lyrical about the proper place of humour in fantastic fiction.

17:45pm – 18:15pm – Live Stage: Author Ed McDonald (Ravencry) and Nicholas Eames (Bloody Rose) sits down with CJ and the crew of the Live Stage to discuss the publication of the second book in their respective fantasy series and whether either worried about the dreaded sophomore slump


11:00am – 11:45am – Centre Stage: Author’s A-List – Authors John Gwynne (A Time of Dread) Laini Taylor (Daughter of Smoke & Bone series) Vic James (A Gilded Cage) Nicolas Eames (Bloody Rose) and Steven Erikson (Rejoice) discuss their personal A-list of go-to authors that have inspired their own work.

12:00pm – 12:30pm – Forbidden Planet SIGNING– Kim Newman (The Haunting of Drearcliff Grange) Vic James (A Gilded Cage) Nicholas Eames (Bloody Rose) Steven Erikson (Rejoice)


12:00pm – 12:45pm – Creator Stage: Orbit Presents – Orbit Authors Nicholas Eames (Bloody Rose) Tasha Suri (Empire of Sand) Mike Carey (The Girl with All the Gifts) Tade Thompson (Rosewater) Heather Child (Everything About You) RJ Baker (King of AssassinsStephen Aryan (Mage Born) talk all things Orbit

 13:00pm – 13:30pm – Forbidden Planet SIGNING – Mike Carey (The Girl with All the Gifts) Nicholas Eames (Bloody Rose) Tade Thompson (Rosewater) Tasha Suri (Empire of Sand) RJ Baker (King of Assassins) Heather Child (Everything About You)

 14:00pm – 14:45pm – EPIC fantasy – Authors John Gwynne (A Time of Dread) Tasha Suri (Empire of Sand) Micah Yongo (Lost Gods) Nicholas Eames (Bloody Rose) and Vic James (A Gilded Cage) sit down with moderator and author Daniel Polansky (A City Dreaming) to talk about the enduring appeal of epic fantasy.


Hope to see you there!


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