Get Your Hardcovers Here!


The limited edition hardback of BLOODY ROSE is here at last! It is available in two varieties, both of them signed by yours truly. Roughly half of them, however, are numbered editions with a limitation page featuring an early sketch of the cover signed by the artist (Richard Anderson). These will be reserved until the end of December for those who have a numbered edition of KINGS OF THE WYLD so that folks can get matching numbers. The rest are free (but not actually free) for the taking!


Both varieties come with a set of character illustrations drawn by Scott McCauley (these can be found on the art page here on this site).

While they can be a bit pricey to those of us who don’t live in England (where they are printed), the books are GORGEOUS! KINGS OF THE WYLD has Tim Paul’s extraordinary map printed on the inside covers, while BLOODY ROSE has incredibly beautiful red spray-painted edges.  Books this pretty deserve to be collected, so treat yourself–or pick one up as a gift for your friend, partner, or fantasy-loving cat.

I’ll post a link here to one of the editions on the Anderida Books website. If you’re looking for the other one, or for KINGS OF THE WYLD (not many of those left!), they’re easy enough to find. If you decide to get one, I sincerely hope it makes you happy!

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2 thoughts on “Get Your Hardcovers Here!

    1. It is! The original link was broken, so the new one should take you to the Anderida Books site where all the copies of KotW and Bloody Rose are available! Thanks for asking!

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